About Us

Black Sun’s notorious empire was not built overnight, and it was not built on ideas or principles alone. In order for Black Sun’s influence to spread to many dozens of planets across the outer rim, a legitimate business front was necessary in order to advance the goals of Family, Honor, and Profit sought by the syndicate. The Family Council exploited a positive relationship with Hyrotii directors and associates, using a combination of indoctrination and bribes to bend the Corporation to serve its purposes. With the majority of Hyrotii’s Sector Managers under their thumb, Black Sun toppled the legitimate board of directors and claimed the prize they had sought.

With Hyrotii Corporation’s vast mining capacity and advancement in technology, the resources of Black Sun’s Empire are virtually limitless and their civilian workforce of tens of thousands of galactic sentients provides a bastion of economic advantages that are exploited regularly for the profit of the Family. Using Hyrotii Corporation as a front, Black Sun held a massive influence over the galactic marketplace enabling the Family to receive numerous resources and other goods and services at increasingly discounted prices. While the Family Council indirectly controls both the actions and pursestrings of Hyrotii Corporation, the Corporation is led by a Chief Executive Officer who manages the day-to-day operations of Black Sun’s industrial behemoth.

Today, Hyrotii Corporation is on the rise as a growing organization both in the Outer Rim and the galaxy as a whole thanks to the efforts of leader Rexan Vyrim and Vigo Jormungand Gand, as well as Underlord Alexander von Ismay. Hyrotii Corporation continues to be an essential part of Black Sun’s industrial complex and supplies Black Sun, White Star, and DroMor Motors as well as allies and friends of Black Sun with the materials they need to grow and expand their operations.