Our Principles

In addition to the Rules of Etiquette every Black Sun Hopeful must come to accept early in his or her training, Hyrotii Corporation requires an additional layer of conditioning to provide exceptional service and top-notch quality in all its activities for the Family. Hyrotii demands only the best from its small, but capable support staff.

Principles of Hyrotii Corporation:
  • Hyrotii takes pride in its work to preserve the cultural heritage and ecosystem of  planets that we operate on. We are committed to actively developing numerous safeguards for mine safety, health, environmental, and worker concerns that arise in the course of prospecting, extracting, and transporting our materials.
  • Hyrotii takes pride in its integrity for our products and services. Black Sun is as part of us just as much as we are a part of Black Sun, and we never seek to profit off of or deceive any member of the Family. While Profit is part of our Creed, it comes after both Family and Honor.
  •  Hyrotii takes pride in its performance of providing more for less. In every instance, we utilize every advantage and tool at our disposal to stretch our credits further. We root out waste, inefficiency, and other ineffective methods to make way for more high-performance standards. We use skilled miners, LIN droids, and improve morale on planets where we operate in order to cut extraction costs and increase output.
  •  Hyrotii takes pride in our respect for differences and diversity. We are an equal opportunity employers of both skilled and unskilled individuals, willing to provide training to each and every sentient who asks. We rate our workers on performance in the field, and promotions and pay are performance-based, not tenure-based. Working hard is rewarded above all else.
  •  Hyrotii takes pride in achieving excellence and advancing our goals. In mining, risks are common and we seek to assess and manage all risks on a regular basis to integrate new methods of dealing with risk. We are committed to continuously improving our operations to make them safer, more efficient, and with a strong sense of environmental protection, health and safety, and the general welfare of all planetary residents and species.