Joining Hyrotii

Black Sun’s notorious empire was not built overnight, and it was not built on ideas or principles alone. In order for the syndicate’s influence to spread to many dozens of planets across the outer rim, a legitimate business front was necessary in order to advance the goals of Family, Honor, and Profit. Hyrotii Corporation was the answer to their wishes.

As a proud nationalized corporation of the Black Sun and a major industrial component of the Imperial Union’s war machine, Hyrotii Corporation is home to ranks of exclusive – or illusive – individuals responsible for supplying the massive criminal empire. Our raw materials make up the building blocks to our megalopolises, power our fleets of devastatingly powerful Star Destroyers, and spill riches into the vaults of our illustrious government.

Supporting the far-reaching influence of Black Sun’s ideals requires all personnel be superior in their line of work. This means offering a variety of career opportunities in order to best suit the unique skill sets of all employees, and the needs of the corporation.


Operating at maximum efficiency requires a team dedicated to the extraction of all raw materials necessary to build an empire of shadows. Spending much of their time regulating the widespread underground tunnel system, the Allocations department is directly responsible for all mining efforts and the subsequent hauling of production resources.

Recommended Skills: Fighter/Freighter Piloting


Tapping into the natural resources which lay hidden beneath a planet’s crust requires a keen understanding of prospecting and a geological intuition. Scanning the worlds of Black Sun, to shine a light on these dormant materials, the Geological department is charged with the discovery of all mining veins.

Recommended Skills: Computer Operations


Leading the development of worlds necessitates a mind both archaeological and intuitive, and yet capable of unconditional destruction. It is the Restoration department which builds sprawling urban landscapes from the ground up, and when necessary decimates worlds which no longer serve the agenda of Black Sun.

Recommended Skills: Repair

Working as an employee of Hyrotii Corporation provides various benefits, all aimed at enriching an employee’s standing in the galaxy.

– Salaries & Bonuses: Hyrotii salaries begin at 4,000,000cr with the opportunity for a 100% increase due to bonuses. This means an active worker can earn 8,000,000cr in their first month.

– Upward Mobility: Hard work and dedication to Hyrotii is awarded with sincere potential for upward mobility, and for those extraordinary associates, the ability to join the Black Sun syndicate.

– VIP Discounts: Personnel are offered discounts with all Black Sun Industry companies.

– Learning Environment: Rather than adhering to a strict teaching environment, personnel are taught on the job. A variety of in-depth Tutorials are readily accessible as learning tools.

– Supportive Family: Shaping a schedule which is beneficial to both its workers and Hyrotii, all work is assigned based on personnel skill sets, and leaders stand ready to assist with all questions and concerns.

Ultimately Hyrotii is interested in sentients with excellent communication skills, problem solving and multi-tasking abilities, a proactive approach to all areas of work, and a sincere sense of humor.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the powerful Hyrotii personnel, please follow the directions below:

(1) Click Join Hyrotii Corporation.
(2) Include a short description with your request.
(3) Click OK.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to Rexan Vyrim or Altair Lopez.