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Hyrotii Releases New RM Prices

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Hyrotii CEO and Overseer Rexan Vyrim today released the updated public pricing of Raw Materials for Year 15, in addition to the availability index of materials. 

“Based on our previous prices, almost all of these new prices indicate a significant drop in price which coincides with the recent economic conditions across the galaxy. All in all, these prices are far more affordable. As far as availability of materials, we have an expansive supply of the most common materials required in production or construction activities – though we are working on expanding our stock of specialty materials such as ryll, bacta, nova, and alazhi.”

Below is a copy of the new Raw Material prices and availability index:

Name Usage Price per unit Available
Quantum Quantum Armor 1,800 YES
Meleenium Meleenium Durasteel 200 YES
Ardanium Ardanium Fuel Canisters 1,200 YES
Rudic Rudic Electronics 1,400 YES
Duracrete Duracrete Building Material 500 YES
Alazhi Alazhi Bacta 2,500 NO
Laboi Laboi Lightsaber MARKET NO
Adegan Adegan Lightsaber MARKET NO
Rockivory Rock Ivory Antigrav Unit 800 YES
Tibanna Gas Tibanna Gas Blasters and Lasers 900 YES
Nova Nova Explosives 4,000 NO
Varium Varium Droids and Equipment 6,000 YES
Varmigio Varmigio Hyperdrive 400 YES
Lommite Lommite Transparisteel 800 YES
Hibridium Hibridium Cloaking Technology 14,000 NO
Durelium Durelium Hyperdrive 4,000 YES
Lowickan Lowickan Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Vertex Vertex Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Berubian Berubian Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Bacta Bacta Medical Equipment 45,000 NO
Ryll Ryll Drug 18,000 NO

Hyrotii CEO Rexan Vyrim talks Year 15 Goals

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Before a large group of investors and clients in the Hyrotii Corporation Conference Center in the Revyia III city of Ivora, Hyrotii CEO and Overseer Rexan Vyrim addressed the efforts of last year and what the future held for Hyrotii Corporation and that of the Black Sun Industrial Complex.

“Greetings and Good Day. First, I’d like to thank the employees and the staff of Hyrotii Corporation. It has been a difficult year for many industries across the galaxy with the economic collapse of many governments. Those who were making billions of credits every month now make mere millions, a disappointing sum compared to the lavish luxuries these government officials were used to. As such, mining efforts across the galaxy have been hampered and layoffs off many miners has been present. But, that is not the case of Hyrotii Corporation. As mining operations are being rolled back, we’re reinvesting in both allocations and restoration projects. Millions of units of valuable raw materials are readily available, but we must have teams able to transport and haul those materials to our hangars and starports so they can be shipped out for sale on the market.”

“In Year 14, we cut back public sales in response to these economic conditions making it harder to meet our client’s needs. Last year was a year we underwent a transformation – from the Hyrotii Corporation of old which was only able to meet small-time needs – to become a major player in the raw materials market in Year 15. Struggling to meet supply based on customer demands last year, Hyrotii invested in building a Distribution Center – the first of its kind – on Revyia III. Today, the Distribution Center is home to the most advanced infrastructure on Revyia III – holding two fully-functional Starports holding millions of units of materials a piece, alongside several dozen silos and warehouses which will house customer orders for ease of pickup.”

“As supply increases, demand will also increase for our materials. Very few mining corporations actually sell to the public, and we’re going to need to increase our supply in order to meet the demands of our business. Therefore, Hyrotii Corporation is investing in hiring 3 new full-time prospectors to the team. The Geological Analysis Bureau has already discovered over a dozen new deposits since the new year, and that’s just on Revyia III alone. As operations expand, we’ll need more deposits and more mines to be built – and the dedicated prospectors will be the driving force behind that growth.”

“But finding those deposits is one thing, extracting them is another entirely. We have millions of units in reserve, but at the rate demand is increasing, those reserves will not last long. As such, I am dedicated to hiring a Mining Manager who will manage the extraction process of our mining operations on Revyia III. This person will be someone of great skill and patience, someone with ties to the Black Sun Family. And we’ll hire at least 2 Allocations personnel to help with the transport and delivery of these materials.”

“I know what you’re thinking – hiring all of these people takes a lot of work. A lot of people don’t like manual labor, and they think mining doesn’t pay as much as governments around the galaxy. Well – I think that’s false. This economic collapse hurt a lot of governments, but not the mining industry. We’re still turning a profit, and last month I paid out over 50 million credits in salaries and bonuses to the employees of Hyrotii Corporation. For every deposit found, for every pile of raw materials moved, those bonuses add to already large salaries. First-month employees can earn 8 million credits. Within 6 months, they can double that. Because Hyrotii doesn’t hoard their profits like most governments do, we invest in our employees.

“In the coming months, we’ve got a long road ahead. Our customers want materials, and we’re eager to deliver. All of this is about building up trust with our clients and meeting the needs of our employees. I look forward to new heights, new prospects, and of course, new associates in Year 15. Cheers!”