Rexan Vyrim - CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Rexan Vyrim

Chief Executive Officer Rexan Vyrim has been a member of Black Sun for almost a year, starting as a Socius in the Black Sun Militia – Infrastructure Division. A veteran of the Malicar II Development Project which became home to 50 billion sentients and drew 700 million credits in additional tax revenue into the Family’s budget, Rexan’s knowledge of infrastructure and mining operations is extensive. Rexan also participated in the Battle of Axxila against the United Rebel Front, and worked with Vigo Kelmanis Vaan to place the planet under control of the Family Council as well as kill several members of the URF, including their leader. Shortly after the beginning of Year 14, the Family Council called Rexan to their chambers and promoted him to Truvido, making him an Officer for Black Sun. In addition, he was made Leader of Hyrotii Corporation.

Rexan has served as leader of Hyrotii Corporation under four different leaders of Black Sun, including Banquo Knox and most recently Underlord Alexander von Ismay. Now an Overseer, a Command Rank in the Black Sun Family, he is the highest ranked non-Family Council in Black Sun. As CEO of Hyrotii, Rexan is overseeing the expansion of operations and managing the day-to-day duties of the mining conglomerate.

Chief Operating Officer
Altair Lopez

Chief Operating Officer Altair Lopez was recently promoted to COO of Hyrotii and serves as an Enforcer in Black Sun. A member of the Consiglio and a skilled prospector, Altair has been instrumental in finding several new deposits and expanding the availability of raw materials for Hyrotii’s clients.