Raw Materials

Hyrotii Corporation offers a limited stock of its raw materials to entities other than Black Sun, often only to Black Sun members and allies. Below is our full price chart and what we currently have in stock for sale. If you are interested in purchasing some of our materials, you should either place an order through our order form or contact CEO Rexan Vyrim directly.

Name Usage Price per unit Available
Quantum Quantum Armor 1,800 YES
Meleenium Meleenium Durasteel 200 YES
Ardanium Ardanium Fuel Canisters 1,200 YES
Rudic Rudic Electronics 1,400 YES
Duracrete Duracrete Building Material 500 YES
Alazhi Alazhi Bacta 2,500 NO
Laboi Laboi Lightsaber MARKET NO
Adegan Adegan Lightsaber MARKET NO
Rockivory Rock Ivory Antigrav Unit 800 YES
Tibanna Gas Tibanna Gas Blasters and Lasers 900 YES
Nova Nova Explosives 4,000 NO
Varium Varium Droids and Equipment 6,000 YES
Varmigio Varmigio Hyperdrive 400 YES
Lommite Lommite Transparisteel 800 YES
Hibridium Hibridium Cloaking Technology 14,000 NO
Durelium Durelium Hyperdrive 4,000 YES
Lowickan Lowickan Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Vertex Vertex Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Berubian Berubian Valuable Gems MARKET NO
Bacta Bacta Medical Equipment 45,000 NO
Ryll Ryll Drug 18,000 NO


**MARKET price refers to the average market price of the material at time of purchase.